Claes Axstål

Claes Axstål grew up playing with cameras at his father's photo store in Gothenburg, Sweden. After technical school it was easy for him to combine skiing with photography - one of his interests. In the early 80s he started his professional photo career at the Colorado Mountains. He wanted to find his own style and used medium format cameras and flash. Ever since his trademark has been stunning sunsets with perfect illumination of people and products in the right environment.

Claes Axstål developed a unique technique photographing large objects in full action with flash, everything from construction machines to mega yachts and even fighter jets. His action work is done with medium format cameras to ensure the very best image quality.

In order to make his "Airborne Flash Photography" possible he had to commission and build his own flash equipment. The unique construction with two flash heads and generators has a total weight of 250 kg. The flash equipment has undergone testing at Ericsson Microwave and approved by the Defense Material Admistration, "FMV", for use inside aircrafts. The flash generates massive power that can illuminate motifs at 200 meters distance. "You can show large products in a light almost as studio light. - I can illuminate large objects as the new Airbus", says Claes Axstål.

Publication Airborne Flash Photography for the Marine- & Aviation Industry
Foreword by Jay Miller

 "My goal is to capture the perfect picture even under the worst possible circumstances regarding weather and location"

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