“EX NOVO” project consists of photographic reproductions - taken in the Treviso district - of disused factories and other industrial buildings, having completed their life cycle and waiting for another use allocation. Up to now, no renovations or restructuring works have been started in these architectural premises that - in a recent past - used to be working places for dozens or hundreds of people.

In giving such premises back to us, author proposes these “documents”, his photographs, which show what is left in such places, but - at the same time – they serve as scenography representations of several theatre stages, where no human presence is seen, but is yet evoked by architectural profiles and shapes.

Implying that photography is always an interpretation of a portion of reality – viewed first by the eyes-brain duo, and then through optical lenses – the reproductions included in this project can be interpreted as fictitious, still rendering homage to the historical heritage of those places, thanks to images geometrically built by means of optical benches

To photograph such places through this medium, allows to piece geometrical perspectives together in a way that is closer to the human eyesight, more truthful and, hopefully, also capable to arouse the viewers’ interest, leading them to wonder about these buildings heritage and future destiny, depending on their owners’ choices concerning their conversions.