Molo K Marghera L'altra Venezia

Pictures were published in the book Molo K Marghera L'altra Venezia (2007)

“The photographs that are reproduced in the following pages are dangerous. And they are dangerous because, amongst other things, from the point of view of form (that is to say of photographic technique and rhetoric) they are impeccable. Thanks to the fact that they were taken using large format colour negatives, the emulsion does not impend over its matter, but rather renders as “natural” the light and the atmosphere that were doubly artificial: those they in “reality” illuminated the subjects and those visible in the photographs. But there is more. The photographs in question are impeccable also thanks to a precise control of perspective, through the use of a monorail view camera, which gave further credibility to the subjects photographed.” (Angelo Schwarz)