Helmut Hirler: Experimental

Sammelplatz, Appenzell, Switzerland:
During a walk around Sammelplatz a small village at Appenzell I realized this extraordinary formation of clouds
creating a very special atmosphere. Via infrared technique I was able to visualize the striking “surge” at the

Comeback of Marco Polo to Venice:
I was one of hundreds of tourists at the St. Mark’s Square in Venice. Suddenly a group of dancing musicians of
Mongolia crossed the plaza. I felt back in the era of Marco Polo. Via double exposure I caught this spirit in the

Experimental blue house, Ravensburg:
This objet d’art can be found close to the city of Ravensburg, Swabia. The house was built right in the middle of
a roundabout on a hill. While I was surrounded by traffic I had to wait for the appropriate ceiling scene for a
picture which shows the surreal mood.

Louvre2, Paris:
I was fascinated by the courage of the architect who dared this architectural contrast. I thought: ”How can you
beat this?” The result can be seen in this picture. I raised this mood by a long term double exposure.

S. Giorgio V.S., Venice:
Sometimes phenomena are inexplicable. Like this light beam which adds magic to the scene. Was it the
incidence of light or simply divine destiny when I took this long term exposure in Venice for this
beautiful picture? It will never come out.

Uba Tuba, Rio Madonna dell Orto, Venice:
This picture shows the result of a consciously side-inverted magnified negative pattern of reflection on the
water surface at Venice. Uba Tuba was the boat approaching. This is how the picture got its title.

Vancouver, British Columbia:
Only by choosing the appropriate position, the single elements of this picture merge into a unique
composition. It was just difficult because the appropriate position was amidst a five-lane street. I had to wait
quite for a long time to find a traffic-free slot.

Xian, China, display dummy:
On a journey through China I needed new trousers. Thus, I could not avoid entering a department store in Xian.
It struck me that the display dummies did not look Chinese at all. It was quite difficult to find the ideal position
to capture this in a picture with all my equipment, the photo backpack, the tripod and more and more people
surrounding me.

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