Helmut Hirler: The Forgotten Ones

Amarillo, Patagonien, Chile:
Years ago, I found this uncommon motive at the Careterra Austral in Patagonia. At that time people still lived
there. This airplane gave the initial point for my picture series: The Forgotten.

Ambassador Strait of Magellan, Chile:
Round the southern region of Chile, at the Strait of Magellan you can find this delicate wreck of the ancient tea
clipper ship “Ambassador”. It is merely a matter of time when the iron skeleton will yield and finally collapse on
the impact of the salt water. Just by an extreme loading of my tripod with stones to stabilize it, I was able to
realize the vision pick-up despite high wind.

Bella Coola wreck, British Columbia, Canada:
I discovered this washed up wreck far outside in a bay at Bella Coola, British Columbia. After heavy rain I had
to search for a walkable trail through the wet marsh in order to reach the boat. This however did not protect me
from getting wet feet.

Caleta Gonzalo, Patagonia, Chile:
For warming up after a cold night I walked a little upstream. Right in the middle of a river I spotted this wreck. It
could only be reached by undertaking a waist-high transition of the stream.

Gladstone, New Zealand:
At sunset light I passed by this abandoned farm at Gladstone on the northern island of New Zealand.
Immediately, I decided to stay for the night to take a photo early in the morning. In the meantime a flock of
sheep arrived at the farm. It was a challenge neither to disturb nor to drive the sheep away. With the camera
ready to shoot, I reached my target site talking to sheep to calm them. By this I was able to make the time

Montana, Augusta Highway 287, USA:
Late in the afternoon miles from anywhere I discovered this warped farm at the grassland of Montana. I set up
the tripod on top of three old oil barrels, waited for still air, and took my picture from this perspective.

Oregon, Arago, USA:
By discovering this motive at the outback of Oregon I got a bullseye for my picture series “ The Forgotten”. As
recently as I walked several times up and down I found this ideal perspective to take the picture.

Tacheles, Berlin:
The ruin of the first big shopping centre of Berlin is a memorial of the outcome of the Second World War. From
time to time artists change the surroundings to remind of the dark chapter in German history. This creates an
exciting area of tension for every photographer.

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