Klaus J.A. Mellenthin: Hamburg 2005

Mellenthins portraitures is not only a bare copy of people and faces, but, captures the essence of a person.
The portrayed artists can always be seen in their own enviroments with their equipment and materials. People
in their own relations.

Generally, in these photo sessions, Mellenthin gives no specific instructions and does not brief his models in
predetermined positions or gestures. Rather he comes as a visitor, starts a chat and waits until a suitable
pose arises from these appointments, which can often last for hours.

So, for Mellenthin, these photo sessions are always a possibility to connect with interesting people and part of
getting to know them, thus, they cannot be considered as an end in itself. It is always both: model and
photographer. Mellenthin actually thinks that the portraits show much more of him than of the model.

Besides the portraits themselves, he takes pictures of the models hands, which according to Mellenthin are
the most interesting part of the body, because they can serve as a map of the persons journey through life.


Pictures we taken using a Sinar F2 with 90mm lens,  full aperture, exposure time 10-30 seconds on a tripod.


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