Participation "Photographer of the Month"

The Rodenstock Photo Optics website quickly delivers professional photographers with all important information about our products, our distributors network and service. In addition, the website should comply with the requirement to become an attractive and interesting portal covering the needs of professional photography. Thus we inform about fairs, events, news, trends and so on.

With the link “Photographer of the Month” we want to call on you to actively take part in our website. This simultaneously will enable you to enhance your awareness level. Taking part in our website may include links to your website and email address for your self marketing. Your participation in turn afford us the opportunity, to feature interesting professional photographers and their expert workings to website visitors.

Do you want to participate in “ Photographer of the Month”?
We would be glad to receive your call, your email, your fax or your letter.

Please take note of the below listed participation conditions and the information we need.

Please refer your request to:

Karin Zeller
LINOS Photonics GmbH & Co. KG
Business Unit Photo & Printing
Hans-Riedl-Str. 9
85622 Feldkirchen
Tel. +49 (0)89 255458 673
Fax +49 (0)89 255458 164

Participation Conditions

  • a professional photographer who works in the field of middle and large format photography
  • conventional photography as well as digital photography
  • knows and works at least partly with Rodenstock photo optics

Information needed in case of your participation

  • Portraits, b & w or colored (all within one color group), each picture up to 3 MB
  • Vita in English, if possible in German, too
  • information about the typical working equipment (type of camera, lens, camera back)
  • pictures: if possible picture series (up to 6), up to 5 pictures/series (each picture 2-3 MB)
  • short description (up to 3 sentences) in English (if possible in German, too) for every series/picture: where did you find this motive, why did you choose it, which difficulties did you face while taking this picture.