Rien van Rijthoven

He started making pictures relatively late when he was 21. But always photographed with his "eyes" since he was 6 and didn't have a camera , but always knew how to find the perfect perspective if he "would" have had a camera. When he was 21, he followed his early and natural instincts and everything fell into place after that.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK 1990-1994) in The Hague, he started his commercial carrier in architecture photography. He worked  for architects and builders in the Netherlands for 12 years, still using film.
After visiting San Francisco in the Bay Area he knew where his new "sunny" workplace would be, by now he has been working there fully digitally equipped since four years.

After finishing his study in 1994 he was very interested in light painting of buildings and interiors, something that is like a second nature at the moment ."It gives you the ability to "create" an image instead of just to shoot an image as is. Light painting gives you the feeling of being a true creator, not just a capturer. Because one can control the whole outcome of an image."

Light painting in combination with electronically controlled shutters leaves no limits in pre-visualizing and realization of that pre-visualized image. It is all done with one single handheld spotlight which enables him to walk into a scene and light up the preferred angles.

He favors commercial assignments because it generates a feeling of purpose and delivers a goal for his work.

His preferred set up is his remote controlled Dutch Cambo RS body with Rodenstock HR lenses and Center filters in combination with electronic shutters. For his camera back he uses the 39 and 50 MP Hasselblad and of course the 40 feet high Bucket truck resembles a larger-than-life tripod.

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