Rezensionen (Auswahl)

Photonews 06/09:
Anna Gripp about the book „Raumbilder/Bildräume“: The results are extremely complex. Abstract as per Wolfram Janzer, precisely documented as a sequence of Hans H. Münchhalfen, essayistic like the black and white images of Verena von Gagern or combined with self- portraits which convey proportions at the same time (Anja Schlamann).


Statement about the series of the new sport institute UBA Stuttgart from Christian Holl in German Architects 13.05.2009: "Janzers pictures are so far driven in the fact that they permit several spatial interpretations as tilting pictures; that readable details bring the scale back in an irritationg way, which they seem to have given up due to grade of abstraction."


Klaus F. Linscheid, Bauwelt 20/09: "Wolfram Janzer selects the cutout and shows architecture. The strong colours of the image planes in yellow, blue, purple or green tones permit however no conclusion on the shape of the shown building. If the irritating light reflexes of the fluorescent tubes would not be, one could think it is airbrush technology."