Our know how

Development and production of optical systems "Made in Germany"

The experience of decades together with state-of-the-art know-how are the basis for the development and production of the high-quality Rodenstock Photo Optics standard professional lenses and customized optical systems. Only a perfectly harmonic interaction of optical design, construction, production and quality control can guarantee such innovative high-performance products.


Consultation and project management

Technical competence is a key element for every successful project. We have both the experience and the methods for realizing complex projects in close collaboration with our customers.


Optical design and construction

Thanks to our professional competence we are able to develop high-quality standard lenses as well as customized components, assembly groups and complex systems.


Production of optical components

Our manufacturing shops can perfectly handle all production processes for the manufacturing of high-precision round- and plan optical components.

  • Spherical single lenses and lens groups
  • Aspherical lenses and free-forms
  • Hot pressing lenses
  • Plan optics ( plan plates, prisms and prism groups)
  • Optical coatings ( Anti-reflex (AR)-, mirror-, beam-splitter-, filters- and special customized layers)
  • Lens paintwork to reduce stray light and for cosmetics




Production of mechanical components

Turning and milling

Our high-tech manufacturing processes guarantee the highest precision of simple and the most complex turned and milled parts in single and series production. State-of-the-art technology together with the experience and creativity of our experts allow the competitive cutting of almost any kind of metal or plastic used for mechanical components of optical systems.


The basis of our accurate to measurement anodizing is our long experience. Surface hardness, abrasion resistance and resistance to corrosion of decorative or technical surfaces are highly increased.


Special paintwork methods are available for decorative as well as for functional surfaces (sliding surfaces).

 Laser marking

Our state-of-the-art laser marking machine allows almost any kind of shape and style of lettering on metals and plastics.


Assembly and adjustment

According to the expected performance of the various assembly elements of an optical system, different assembly technologies are applied.

  • Clearance fit mounting
  • Adjustment turning
  • Elastic rips
  • Active centering and loss-free glueing
  • Special cementing techniques


Quality test

After their manufacturing all Rodenstock Photo Optics products are subject to final inspection and testing. Every product type has its pre-determined test specifications in terms of imaging performance, function and cleanness. Imaging performance is tested exclusively by modulation transfer function. Therefor we use several MTF measurement instruments, which are perfectly adapted to the individual application parameters of the tested lenses.