Rodenstock eShutter

Dear Customer,

By purchasing your lens in the Rodenstock eShutter you have chosen a modern, electronically controlled shutter solution that meets every requirement of modern view cameras in terms of preferences, ease of use and accuracy.

Whether working with a Mac or PC, the Rodenstock eShutter will in future represent an indispensable tool for every photographer. Download files are available for both operating systems on the website

The Rodenstock eShutter offers all shutter preferences necessary for modern view cameras. Individual pre-setting of exposure bracketing in different exposure steps, pre-selection of the number and times of the exposures, and the pre-setting of delays makes the photographer's job considerably easier.

The Rodenstock eShutter is connected via cable to the eShutter control. Data transfer from the computer to the eShutter control is via USB cable, which also acts as a power supply for the shutter. An external power supply (external power supply unit or battery) is recommended for exposure rates of one image every 5 seconds or more. The shutter can be fully controlled from your computer, as well as by iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via Wi-Fi the computer. (The App for this is available free of charge from the App Store.)

This offers the highest precision as well as ease of use, allowing the photographer to concentrate more on their creative output. Compared with mechanical shutters the Rodenstock eShutter offers considerably greater accuracy in exposure times and aperture, with clearly better results. The nearly circular aperture produces no irritating "lens flare" and thus significantly contributes to harmonious capture. Rod enstock Photo Optics offers all existing Rodenstock specialist lenses of shutter size 0 in eShutter.

Even used lenses (digital of analogue) can easily be converted for use with the eShutter.The Rodenstock eShutter is compatible with all commercially available digital backs, and can also control those that have to be initiated via an M-signal.

You can find detailed technical data on the Rodenstock eShutter on page 19 of these instructions. 

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