Rodenstock Filters for Digital Photography for Professionals and All-round Users

HR digital UV and HR digital circular polarisation filters, now available with a super multi-coating, are guaranteed colour neutral, scratch resistant and repellent against dust, water or other liquids (such as oil). The extremely thin brass slim line mounts can also be used with wide-angle lenses without vignetting and screwed in without friction.

The new Digital pro filter line includes favourably prices UV and circular polarisation filters: hight -quality for tight budgets! Digital pro filters are mult-coated and absolutely colour neutral.The extremely thin aluminium slim line mounts can be used also with wide-angle lenses without vignetting.

Both new filter series HR Digital and Digital pro are available in all usual thread sizes from 49 mm up to 82 mm diameter.

Detailed Information Rodenstock Filters for Digital Photography

Reflection reduced Digital Center Filters

New color-neutral center filters for compensating the physically induced significant falloff in ilumination of super wide-angle lenses.

Conventional center filters for wide-angle lenses with image angles larger than 100 reduce the fall-off in illumination of 2 to 3 f-stops by reflection and absorption of their neutral density coating that gradually gets darker to the center. But this reflection produces stray light. The new Rodenstock center filters work only by absorption, hence they provide more brilliant and neutral pictures. 

Detailed Informations Digital Center Filters