HR Digaron-SW 1:5.6 f = 90 mm

Qioptiq Photonics sets new standards in professional digital photography!

Under the brand name Rodenstock Qioptiq Photonics will present a new outstanding 90 mm standard lens for professional shift and tilt cameras on this years Photokina.

With the launch of this high-end lens Qioptiq confirms once again its leading position in development and production of professional digital lenses.

The brand-new HR Digaron-SW 90 mm meets the highest standards of modern digital backs with up to 100 megapixel and 5m pixel size.

The state-of-the-art technologies of production, mounting, and measurement allow putting into practice the required resolution of 100 Lp/mm with stable rotation symmetry.

The 120 mm image circle diameter has been designed for big camera movements for shift and tilt and stitching with the currently largest standard sensors. Of course the optical design of such a high-performance lens also integrates sensor cover glass.

During the development process of the HR Digaron-SW 90 major focus has been put on temperature stability. Its imaging performance remains stable with temperatures ranging from -10C to +50C and makes this lens an ideal solution for both outdoor shootings and studio photography.

The new HR Digaron-SW 5.6/90 mm will replace the current HR Digaron-W 5.6/90 mm.