Quality Filters

High-quality taking lenses create sharp, high-contrast images which are free from distortion. But what happens if it is too bright or if the light is not neutral white, if there is too much UV radiation or if unwanted reflections occur on glossy surfaces? Or if black and white film or digital b&w shots do not convert the subject’s colors into the gray values the photographer really wants? Then the best lens can’t cope, but Rodenstock quality filters can help.

Filters should never impair the lens quality. Nobody is willing to obtain the desired effects at the cost of blur, flair or ghost images. Rodenstock hard coated quality filters made from high grade optical glass guarantee that sharpness, contrast and color fidelity are maintained even with the best lenses.

A basic rule for both analog and digital photography is that filters adapt the light to the film or sensor either so that it “sees” like the eye (correction filter) or just as it is necessary to realize the effects desired by the photographer (effect filter).

Filters for digital photography
The new HR Digital Circular Polarizing Filters and HR Digital UV Blocking Filters have been specially designed for the highest requirements of digital photography. In addition to their multi-layer coating with improved suppression of reflections and stray light, these filters are provided with a dirt-resistant, water-repellent and especially scratch-proof protection layer.

The UV/IR Blocking Filters, which differ in design (dielectric coating)  and effect (interference instead of absorption) from the UV Blocking Filters, cut out both ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which is an especially disturbing element in digital photography. So these filters help to obtain brilliant and color-neutral images even under unfavourable conditions.

Attention: None of the filter types mentioned above can be replaced by digital imaging software. 

Filters for analog photography
In analog photography filter effects cannot be created at a later date by imaging software and therefore more different filter types are required than in digital photography. The following Rodenstock filters are available:

  • Polarizing Filters, UV Blocking Filters and Neutral Density Filters for both black and white and color images (all of them can also be used for digital photography);
  • Skylight Filters for color images (only for analog application);
  • Medium and dark yellow filters, orange filters and bright and dark red filters for black and white images (all of them can also be used for digital photography).