Lenses for Analog Professional Photography

Analog Lenses

Even in the age of digital photography, the professional camera remains the dominant tool for advertising, still-life and architectural photographs. The large formats of conventional photography still offer unsurpassed sharpness and an incomparable abundance of detail. Professional cameras allow perspective corrections and deliberate inclinations of the plane of best sharpness (“Scheimpflug plane”) which is not possible with nonadjustable cameras or only with great restrictions.

Rodenstock’s range of lenses for analog professional photography therefore includes different lens types which are available in graduated focal lengths to meet practical requirements.

The standard lens for conventional professional photography should provide a medium to large image angle, high speed and best image quality. These demands are met to perfection by the Apo-Sironar-S. As a standard lens, it is used with a focal length which roughly corresponds to the diagonal of the format. Longer focal lengths allow larger taking distances.

For large image scales from around 1:5 to 2:1, there is the special close-up lens Apo-Macro-Sironar. It is characterized by excellent definition in this scale range as well as by high speed and a wide image circle.

Apo-Grandagon and Grandagon-N
Whenever short taking distances (small rooms, architecture) or wide spaces make large field angles necessary, the wide-angle lenses of first choice are the Apo-Grandagon and the Grandagon-N lenses with field angles up to 120°.

In order to be able to use our high-performance lenses with cameras without bellows like panoramic or shift cameras, we offer our focusing device “Focus-Mount”. For the wide-angle lenses Apo-Grandagon and Grandagon-N we offer specially adjusted center filters.