55 mm

When adjustable large-format cameras are used with roll film backs, they require shorter focal length lenses than for sheet film. With the focal lengths of 35, 45 or 55 mm of the Apo-Grandagon lenses, photography in small rooms or panoramic views in landscape photography becomes an effortless “dynamic enjoyment”.

The Apo-Grandagon ultra-wide angle lenses give you the freedom to find new and appealing views in product photography. But new standards in freedom of movement for architectural and industrial photography are also offered by these outstanding lenses with a usable image angle of 120°. The Apo-Grandagon 55 mm f/4.5 even covers 4 x 5 in. sheet film which is most popular in demanding landscape photography.

New glass combinations (ED glasses) make possible apochromatic correction of super wide-angle lenses for the first time. This ensures there will be no color fringes even on high contrast building silhouettes against bright sky. With values of less than 0.5 %, distortion can be neglected.

The high maximum aperture makes composing and focusing easy. A large working aperture of f/8 to f/11 allows advantageous, shorter exposure times for outdoor motifs (with moving objects) or a lower flash power in the studio. For uniformly illuminated pictures, without light fall-off according to the “cos4-law”, the use of the almost color-neutral Rodenstock center filters is recommended (see accessories link in the left column).

For checking the compatibility with different large format camera models, we can provide you with special tables and instructions on request.

The Apo-Grandagon lenses, which are especially interesting for panoramic and shift cameras due to their large image angle, can be fitted with the Focus-Mount.