Rodagon-WA 80 mm

The Rodagon-WA has a shorter focal length and a larger image angle and hence it achieves a 70 % larger projection area than a conventional enlarging lens with standard focal length. It is therefore eminently suitable for section enlargements on enlargers with a relatively short column. Clumsy wall or floor projections can be avoided.

Thanks to the shorter projection distance, the negative carrier and the filter adjustment controls remain within reach of the hands and can still be operated easily when the enlarger’s head is in top position for high enlargements.

The 6 elements Rodagon-WA provides the same reproduction performance as the Rodagon lens type.

The recommended working aperture is reached by stopping down by only 2 stops. This guarantees short exposure times for higher efficiency for large format prints as well as for less loss in contrast by the influence of stray light during longer exposure times, and it also reduces or avoids the reciprocity failure.

The Rodagon-WA models have an illuminated f-stop display, a practical click-stop diaphragm with a pre-set aperture, which allow the click-stop to be disengaged for stepless control.