Qioptiq/Rodenstock Photo Optics - Components

As a globally active manufacturer of sophisticated optical systems, Qioptiq/Rodenstock Photo Optics develop and produce for market leaders from the most varied industry and research sectors.

Standard components

Our new standard product portfolio in components for the optomechanical world includes more than 4,000 products from A as in achromat to L as in laser beam expanders to Z as in Z-axis stages. You will come across a comprehensive product range that is unrivaled in the photonics industry today.  To receive a free copy of our catalog, please fill in this form.

To get a direct view please have a look at the LINOS webpage at www.qioptiq.de

Customer specific components

Our customer specific product portfolio in components cover:

  • Plane parallel plates
    • Plane windows
    • Filters
    • Beam splitting plates
  • Prisms
    • Reflecting prisms
    • Prism systems
    • Wedges
  • Mirrors
    • Plane mirrors
    • Mirror systems
    • Mirror polygons, diamond milled
    • Concave mirrors
    • Mirror lenses
    • Aspheric mirrors, diamond turned
  • Single lenses
    • Sperical lenses
    • Aspherical lenses
  • Compound lenses
    • Doublets
    • Triplets
    • Achromats
  • Precision optical components with customer specific radii

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