The Qioptiq Photo & Printing Business Unit has got comprehensive and long term experience in the field of the photofinishing. We have an in-depth understanding of integrated solutions for any customer-specific application. Qioptiq is your reliable partner for optical solutions within applications like

  • Scanners and printers for whole sale labs and minilabs
  • Digital Film Exposure for Photo and Cinematography
  • Large Format Photo applications
  • Special photo applications like photo book

Qioptiq supplies:

  • Customer specific exposure and imaging systems for the digital exposure
  • Zoom lenses for various picture sizes
  • F-Theta/Flat Field Lenses for laser exposure systems
  • standard lenses for a wide range of typical applications

We are looking forward to meet any challenge and lead your ideas to a successful photofinishing system.

Highly innovative, close partnership, on-time, Qioptiq.

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Printing Industry

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