Shutters and accessories


Copal 0

All Rodenstock digital lenses are available in Copal shutter size 0.
This mechanically controlled central shutter is outstanding for its compact design, lightness and robustness. The manually adjustable shutter times from 1 sec to 1/500 sec as well as T and B have a mechanical setting. The steplessly variable iris diaphragm allows setting any desired interim aperture. Copal 0 shutters can be synchronized with the x-contact to almost every current digital back.

Download: Copal Shutter Size 0



Rodenstock eShutter 0

The Rodenstock eShutter is a modern, electronically controlled shutter solution that meets every requirement of modern view cameras in terms of preferences, ease of use and accuracy. Whether working with a Mac or PC, the Rodenstock eShutter will in future represent an indispensable tool for every photographer. The shutter can be fully controlled from your computer, as well as by iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and transferred via Wi-Fi or WLAN to the computer. The nearly circular aperture produces no irritating "lens flare" and thus significantly contributes to harmonious capture. Rodenstock Photo Optics offers all existing Rodenstock specialist lenses of shutter size 0 in eShutter. The Rodenstock eShutter is compatible with all commercially available digital backs.


Download: InstructionsDownload: eShutter App

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 Version 2.0, June 2014


Focus Mount

Using Rodenstock digital lenses on cameras without bellows such as panoramic or shift cameras requires the use of a focusing facility. For this purpose we developed the Focus-Mount that can be combined with all Rodenstock lenses in shutter size 0. Existing lenses can be installed at a later date. The Focus-Mount ensures precise focusing and the non-rotating lens mount means that all operating elements and scales of the shutter remain in the same position.



Centerfilter for digital photography

For critical shots with wide-angle lenses with a 35 mm focal length (or shorter), the physically inevitable light-fall-off towards the image corner can become a disturbing element. With appropriate software digital images can be lightened up, but mostly the results are still disappointing. With a Rodenstock center filter the light fall-off towards the image corner can be avoided. Rodenstock center filters are virtually neutral gray filters whose density decreases continuously about 2.5 aperture stops from the center up to the transparent rim. The light-fall-off due to the filter density has to be compensated by a longer exposure time.