Variable Neutral Density Filter

Digital Vario ND MC

variables-neutralgraufilterIf you need more than the ND stages 2x, 4x and 8x or want finer graduations, you can select the variable neutral density filter Rodenstock Digital Vario ND. It consists of two polarization filters whose second filter is a circular polarization filter so that the autofocus and exposure measurement is not impaired. An attenuation by 1.5 to 5 stops (corresponds to the exposure time extension of 2.8x to 32x) can be set continuously over a wide density range by rotating the front polarization filter. A factor of less than 2.8 is not possible as a matter of principle due to the polarization filter transmission which is around 35%. Variable neutral density filters can be set via 5 stops attenuation up to around 9 stops.


var-neutralgrau-ohne var-neutralgrau-mit
Photo without filter:
Despite f-number 16 only 1/125 s
Photo with filter:
1/20 s is possible with f-number 5.6


var-neutralgrau-ohne-2 var-neutralgrau-mit-2
Blur due to diffraction at
f-number 16 without filter
With filter f-number 5.6
prevents diffraction


However, due to the inherent principle two negative effects then occur: The color neutrality is gradually lost above a factor of 32x. Furthermore, with very wide-angle lenses, disturbing cruciform shading occurs close to the maximum position (above around 7 stops). Because these very high settings can not be recommended for the named reasons, the setting scale of the Rodenstock Digital Vario ND only indicates the sensible attenuation range +1.5 to +5 without cruciform shading and without a blue-violet color tinge.




Digital Vario ND MC

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